BeoLab 28 - The latest tower speaker from Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen have a long legacy of free standing tower speakers and BeoLab 28 is the latest joining that illustrious long line including such classics as the BeoLab Penta and Beolab 1. 

These speakers became the cornerstone of home audio and home cinema set ups in homes around the UK and it looks like the newest addition to this range will position itself as an essential for high performance blended with style and simple connectivity.

In more recent years we saw the release of the Beolab 18, which remains a core part of the range and is still available over here.  It was a successor to the Beolabs 6000 and 8000, the most popular speakers produced by the Danish audio maestros and a worthy successor at that. 

And so here we are in 2021 and the Beolab 28 has since been released, but what makes it different from those that have come before? Let's get the similarities out the way first.  Placement is as it always has been, completely free standing thanks to the floorstands that are built into the speakers.  Much like the Beolab 18, there is also now the option of wall placement via fixing the bracket into a wall, letting the speakers float elegantly on the wall of your room.  The form itself is largely familiar and not a world away from the wooden grill of the Beolab 18, however, as always there is a little bit of magic hidden up the sleeves of Bang & Olufsen speakers, check out the video below to see what we mean...


Impressive huh? The movement is more than aesthetic though.  The speaker will adapt to your surroundings in order to give the best sound quality in your space. The top surface of the speakers becomes a stunning, minimal control system for your music letting you change volume and track with simple gestures on the led lit surface.

With BeoLab 28 you are getting the drip down effect of the ground breaking technologies created for the BeoLab 50 and BeoLab 90 speakers, all in a far more compact speaker and accessible price point.  The fully active nature of it means that this compact speaker will not require any additional units to power it, fully sustained by one simple power cable. 

Beolab 28 is a wireless floorstanding speaker by Danish audio giants Bang & Olufsen

There is a clear effort with BeoLab 28 to give it more low end power than the likes of the 18.  Where the 18 has stands that aren't functionally part of the speaker, the BeoLab 28 has a downward facing woofer in the 'stand' at the base of each speaker.  This will give you a much more well rounded sound without the addition of a subwoofer such as the BeoLab 19.

Circling back to that original point about the aesthetic movement of the speaker grill, these will actually change position, optimising to your listening preferences.  Bang & Olufsen developed this 'beam width control' for BeoLab 90 and here you have the full benefit of this feature, allowing you to focus the speakers to an acoustic sweet spot or spread the sound more evenly across the room.  

These are just a few of the reasons that BeoLab 28 is a home loudspeaker worthy of your attention and our in store experts have a fair few more!  Reach out to us today to learn more or even to schedule a listening test with these amazing speakers.

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