The Best Big Screen TVs (2020)

The best big screen tvs for the home this year

With the latest news that many cinemas are closing screens and many of our most anticipated films face release delays, what better time to look at your big screen options for the home.

Our team of AV experts have curated this collection of five big screen TVs to bring the cinema experience into your front room.  All of these TVs offer great picture and cutting edge technology, but with subtle differences and varying price points, we wanted to guide you through any confusion and point out some of our favourites.

Whether you are looking for the future of tech or just want to watch Indiana Jones on an 85 inch screen, we have something for you, all you need to do is make the popcorn. 


Sony ZH8 - The Highest Resolution

So whilst most of us are trying to get our heads around 4K, Sony have gone and dropped an 8K TV just to confuse us all further!  This is essentially a look to the future of screen technology and could become commonplace on huge screens to ensure that we still get all the detail we want even on the largest of screens.

a Huge 85 inch tv by sony with 8k picture

 Available in 75 & 85 inch screens only, this is a series designed specifically for the home movie fan.  With a dedicated processor to drive that 8K picture, you'll be all set for the future with smooth and crisp picture.  Currently most content is either HD or 4K so that inbuilt processor will be working to upscale your current content and make it look better than ever.

Sony have also set out to create enhanced sound with this TV, something typically hard to achieve in a slim line screen as it doesn't leave much room for speakers.  They have actually integrated speakers into the frame of the TV itself, promising immersive, high quality sound as well as jaw dropping picture.  Prices from £5,999.

Samsung Q900T - 8K with minimal bezzle

Samsung have spent many years perfecting and enhancing their LED TVs, labelling them QLED to support their own technological developments in quantum dot based TV.  Simply put they have an additional filter between the LED backlight and the LCD layer which they claim gives you greater colours.  The effect when combined with 8K resolution is sure to impress. 

A look into the future of picture with samsung

The Q900T has a huge screen but remarkably almost no bezels relative to the size of the TV itself.   The Quantum Processor 8K is built into the TV to help it upscale all your content to 8K whether that be movies or games.

We love the beautiful sculptural table stand that this TV comes with, paired with the super thin profile of the TV itself it looks every bit the part as a main room or cinema room centrepiece. Prices from £6,499

LG CX77 - Leader in 4K OLED

It's not all about 4K, the battle of resolutions is not the only area that TV brands are fighting it out on, some are scrapping over the screen technology of choice, namely LED vs OLED.  LG have long been the leader in OLED with a comprehensive range of TVs utilising the technology.

LG CX OLED TV is one of the largest oled screens you can buy

The CX77 range is available in sizes up to 77 inches, which is up there with the absolute largest OLED screens.  Fans of the technology would site the greater contrast levels and inky blacks of OLED being an advantage over LED screens.  The downside they are generally more expensive than LED screens of the same size.

This becomes an interesting comparison to the previous two TVs as due to using the established 4K resolution it actually comes in less expensive than the 77 inch offerings LED screens talked of above so the question arises as to whether you see more benefit in OLED or 8K at this point in time.  The LG screens themselves have fantastic motion and colours and the CX range are great all rounders even at the largest of sizes.  Prices from £1,499. 

BeoVision Harmony - For luxury & sound

Taking OLED in another direction, the BeoVision Harmony by Bang & Olufsen utilises the technology along with luxury materials and function to create something unlike anything else on the market.

BeoVision harmony is a luxury oled TV for home cinema use

Another 4K OLED screen at the sizes up to 77 inches, but instead of trying to be slimmer and more minimal, the Harmony range is designed to offer more.  The design itself is crafted from aluminium and natural oak to be something of a feature as well as a TV whilst it incorporates immersive and powerful stereo speakers into the TV as well as the ability to wirelessly connect to and control surround sound.

It's certainly not going to be the first option of everyone but for those who want a luxurious home cinema experience that goes above and beyond the normal expectation of TV, BeoVision Horizon is an awe inspiring bit of technology.  Prices from £12,100 

Sony AG9 - Great Value OLED

As well as refined LED TVs, Sony also incorporate OLED into certain models of their range.  The AG9 is one of Sonys high end offerings and has screens up to 77 inches utilising 4K OLED screens.  In their own words this range of TVs "master shadows and highlights".

Sony ag 9 huge oled tv

Again we see the OLED & 4K combination which is popular combination as well as HDR technologies to treat different lighting on the screen differently to get more accurate lighting than ever before.

The TV on its own has advanced sound system with front facing speakers as well as directional sound control. Connect it to a your home cinema system and you can actually use the TV as the centre speaker for vocals to give an even more immersive experience.  Prices from £1,799 

If you have any questions about these products, or any of our others for that matter, please get in touch with us by email or live chat and our experts with years of AV experience will give you honest opinions and useful advice to help you maximise the enjoyment of your favourite music at home.