The most popular Bang & Olufsen speakers (2020)

The beolab 50 speakers by bang & Olufsen are amongst the most popular in Scotland in 2020

Well it's a funny old year and whilst many of our day to day routines and habits have changed, or had to change, one thing our team AV experts and our customers have maintained is making time to listen to good music on great speakers!

Whatever style of music you enjoy, and whether you stream, play cd's or vinyl, all your favourite music will sound exceptional on Bang & Olufsen's range of speakers known as 'BeoLab'.  

A particularly pretty range of speakers, you'll notice that they use a lot of aluminium in their speaker designs, which looks fantastic but also has useful acoustic properties.  They have proven to be a popular range because of that combination amazing performance, stunning looks and ease of use which has made them popular with customers all over Scotland, from Glasgow to Aberdeen and everywhere in between!

And so, we're taking the opportunity to point to a handful of loudspeakers within this range and let you know what our customers have been investing in this year.


BeoLab 50 - Huge performance

So we certainly aren't encouraging you to hold a party at this moment in time, but if ever there was a show stopping speaker for such an event then the BeoLab 50 would be up there, that is for sure.  Arguably just as impressive is is performance in a home cinema set up, just imagine having something comparable to an iMax in your home.

Looking at the speaker drivers of the Beolab 50 by Bang & Olufsen

These beautiful monsters are crafted from aluminium and oak and house a powerful set of drivers as you can see in the picture above.  Certainly not your typical plug and play speaker, this is the level of speaker that should be installed and tuned by our installation specialists to help you get the most out of their performance.

And what a performance deliver!  A speaker that has lots of integrated technology that lets you get the best out of whatever space you place it in, it's an unusually accessible balance between top end performance and simplicity.


Beolab 18 - Elegant All Rounders

If you have checked out the Bang & Olufsen range any time in the last 5 years then chances are you will recognise these beautiful speakers.  Whilst certainly not the most recent release from the Danish manufacturer, as great all rounders, they consistently sell and the feedback from our customers is overwhelmingly positive.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 18 speakers for sale in Glasgow, Scotland.

Part of the appeal of the BeoLab 18 is the very small footprint that they take up within your room.  Given that they are tower speakers they are far taller than they are wide, in fact the footstands are only 20cm by 20cm meaning you really don't need a lot of space to have premium sound.

Like other speakers within the Bang & Olufsen range they can be connected into audio systems, TV's, Record players etc and if you wish to utilise Bang & Olufsen's multiroom audio systems or their TVs, you can do all of that wirelessly!


Beolab 19 - Refined Wireless Subwoofer

We have to talk about this subwoofer!  Probably the most interestingly designed sub from any of the brands that we retail, the BeoLab 19 is a dodecahedron producing sensational bass with tight control.  That means no overbearing rumble but the right amount of bass at the right time.

Powerful subwoofer by Bang & Olufsen for sale Glasgow

This one has proven so popular because within the Bang & Olufsen range it is the go to speaker when you have any of their other stereo speakers, so adding the Beolab 19 becomes a natural progression to boost the overall performance of your system.

Similarly to the BeoLab 18, they can wirelessly connect to a B&O TV or audio system and become part of a multiroom system.  It also makes for an easy installation as our customers around Scotland will attest to. 


Honorable mentions


BeoSound Shape - Interior Design Meets Audio

We understand that strong, eye catching design will sometimes divide the audience and this system may well fall into that category, but honestly..we love it!  BeoSound shape takes a series of tiles, each with either a speaker, a driver or a sound dampening filling and allows you, the customer to design which colours and combinations you want for your room.  

BeoSound shape audio system by Bang & Olufsen is a series of wall mounted tiles with speakers built in.

Wall mount them in your desired pattern, add more if you want more oomph, change the fabric covers if you redecorate.  Rarely does a speaker become a feature in such a way.  That is not to say they lack on the sound front, for flat tile speakers, they have a beautiful full sound that'll be sure to impress.

We highly recommend you stop by the Aberdeen showroom sometime to hear these in person..


BeoSound Stage - Amazing Soundbar

Not quite a speaker as such...but given that it sounds better than any other sound bar out there we think it deserves an honourable mention.  The BeoSound Stage by Bang & Olufsen is more than your typical sound bar though.  Stereo sound with integrated woofers mean that it covers a full range of sound without the need for an additional subwoofer to enjoy your movies and music.

A great soundbar made by Bang & Olufsen

One of the newer release in the Bang & Olufsen audio range, it's quickly become one of the most popular as it ticks so many boxes for many of you out there.  Without purchasing a Bang & Olufsen TV, you immediately have B&O sound and Dolby Atmos, and the opportunity to stream music to it and connect to other devices around the home.  

Stunning design with wooden exterior as well as different fabrics, more flexible placement options than other soundbars tie this one off as a very compelling addition to your home AV system.

If you have any questions about these products, or any of our others for that matter, please get in touch with us by email or live chat and our experts with years of AV experience will give you honest opinions and useful advice to help you maximise the enjoyment of your favourite music at home.

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