The Ultimate Living Room Gaming Set-Up

The Ultimate Living Room Gaming Set Up | 4K Televisions, Premium Headphones and Cinematic Quality Soundbars


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2021 has already welcomed two new high-res gaming consoles into the market and into the homes of many gamers around the world. Big-screen gaming is rising in popularity and with this comes the innovative advances in television and sound technology.

 We’ll highlight some of our picks for the latest and greatest in high-res technology most suitable for gaming at home.

It’s no secret that most games on the market reflect the quality of Hollywood blockbusters which means that in order to be fully immersed in these games, the latest and greatest in television technology is desired.

The next-gen Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles exhibit true 4k resolution gaming but any 4k television should support these consoles to their full potential right? Not exactly.

Whilst you will experience 4k gaming on a 4k screen there are a few technological specifications that you should look out for when purchasing a new television to support your gaming console to further immerse yourself in your gaming experience.

What specifications should you look out for when purchasing a TV for gaming?

Arguably the most important feature of a TV in relation to gaming is the input lag. The input lag is the amount of time that an action takes to happen on your screen from when you press a button or move the joystick on your controller.

Ideally, you would look for the lowest input lag. Televisions are built to over-process frames which usually sees their input lag being a lot higher than that of gaming monitors but with the demand for high-res gaming the top manufacturers in the industry have taken this into account and incorporated it into their innovative engineering. An input lag of 40 milliseconds or lowers is desirable as any lags under this are basically undetectable.

Secondly, the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is a key element in ensuring a smoother and faster gaming experience. VRR aims to eliminate screen glitches so you have a clean image when playing your favourite games.

A third feature that you might not have heard of, or at least taken into consideration before is 4K@120Hz. Both the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles support this feature but not every TV does. TVs – particularly those below 55” – are limited to 60Hz, by supporting 4K@120Hz a TV can support 4K games at up to 120 frames per second (fps). With TVs that support 120Hz 4K gaming, you’ll experience a smoother image which makes your game play more immersive and enjoyable.

Now that we have some of the jargon out of the way let’s look at some of the best options for the ultimate home gaming experience.


Today, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to 4K televisions. The TV industry has delivered some incredible televisions in recent years which have adapted to the ever-changing technological environment. The TVs highlighted are not just suitable for gaming but are incredible picks for a plethora of features including immersive tv and film viewing, superb live tv picture quality and support for the apps we use every day i.e Netflix, Prime, Disney+ .

So what is the best tv for gaming? We’ve picked three of our favourites.



LG C1 TV Front View | Holburn Online

Having delivered the incredible CX model in 2020, LG have ever so slightly upped the game once again with the new C1 model.

The C1 features LG’s impressive dedicated gaming features including the Game Optimiser which provides you with optimised settings for various genres of games including FPS, RPG and RTS with the intention of making your game play clearer, smoother and with less lag and stutter. LG have partnered with some of the leaders in the gaming industry including NVIDIA and AMD making LG OLED TVs the only G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync™ Premium Certified TVs.

With a 1ms response time, the LG C1 TV offers you the highest standard of TV screen gaming all whilst supporting VRR, ALLM and HDMI 2.1.

Outside of the gaming realm, the LG C1 offers an impressive array of features that make it one of the best TVs currently available on the market. With 100% Colour Fidelity, Sharp Picture, Smooth Motion, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, the C1 out performs the rest whether you’re watching a film, the football, gaming, streaming on Netflix or Disney+. Delivering nothing short of outstandingly brilliant cinematic and atmospheric results.

We recommend this at 65” but it is also available in 48”, 55”, 77” and 83”.

Samsung Q80T

Featuring nothing short of brilliance, Samsung’s Q80T is an affordable 4K TV perfect for gaming.

With Samsung’s Real Game Enhancer+, you can experience the same quality of performance as a gaming monitor but on your big screen. Samsung have optimised the technology of their TVs to enhance the functions that produce a thrilling gaming experience for gamers. The Real Game Enhancer+ is Samsung’s answer to the growing demand for innovative hardware in TVs by passionate gamers which has resulted in technology that offers a more fluid style of game play with razor sharp resolution.

Even the pickiest of your teammates would struggle to find something to complain about with the Samsung Q80T.

Besides the incredible gaming technology, the Samsung Q80T offers a glorious 4K picture with genuine cinematic colour. Bringing a truly immersive experience into the comfort of your home.

We recommend this at 55” but it is also available in 49”, 65”, 77” and 85”.

Sony A90J Bravia XR

Creators of next-gen console, the Playstation 5, Sony have not held back in the craftmanship of a tv that delivers attention to detail, true-to-life colour, immersive sound and a fast response time – all crucial factors when gaming.

The XR delivers gaming in 4K at 120fps and 120Hz which means you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless experience when playing first-person-shooter, role-playing, sports or simulation games. Recognising when a console is connected, the Sony XR automatically switches  to game mode.

The A90J offers revolutionary OLED pictures to bring you breath taking image quality even when playing the most advanced and detailed game.

We recommend this TV at 55” but it is also available in 65”.



Sound is undoubtably one of, if not, the biggest contributors to an immersive gaming experience. Sound brings unrivalled tension and emotion to modern game-play. Historically, the traditional gamer would opt for a gaming headset but with the rise in premium soundbars it begs the question: Are soundbars good for gaming? In short, yes they can be! Especially when looking at a flexible living room system that isn’t used exclusively for gaming.

For this guide we’ve looked at performance, build-quality and functionality when making our recommendations.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Headphones

Designed in collaboration with Xbox, Bang & Olufsen have produced one of the most premium gaming headsets currently available on the market.  

The Beoplay Portal Headphones connect seamlessly with the latest Xbox consoles for an instant immersive gaming experience. Compatible with both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Beoplay Portal are incredible for a wireless gaming experience with the built-in Xbox Wireless connectivity. However, the Beoplay Portal headphones can also be used through a wired connection with the Playstation 4 or 5 using the cables included in the Beoplay Portal box.

Outside of the gaming world, Beoplay Portal can be used for listening to music, travelling or making phone calls with that all important and famous Bang & Olufsen sound. The headphones are well-built and are a comfortable over-ear headphone perfect for office use too.

These headphones are a total all-rounder.

Sonos Arc Soundbar

When launched in the summer of 2020, the Sonos Arc lacked the support for multi-channel PCM which is typically used for surround sound gaming. However, SONOS rectified this and have since implemented the all-important software update that has brought mutli-channel PCM support to the SONOS Arc soundbar.

As such, the SONOS Arc can now be used to produce immersive sound experiences when playing your favourite games on your next-gen consoles. 

This soundbar is a top tier soundbar that features Dolby Atmos for an impressive sound experience whether you’re watching a Hollywood action blockbuster, or listening to your favourite music. The sound produced by the SONOS arc brings the action straight your living room.

The SONOS arc is the complete package for quality sound that covers TV, movies, music and gaming.

Available in two colours.

Bang & Olufsen Sound Stage Soundbar

The second entry from Bang & Olufsen in our guide is the award-winning Beosound Stage soundbar. The Beosound Stage is a premium soundbar which is by far one of the best soundbars around.

Featuring eleven – yes, eleven! – speaker drivers which result in a three-channel, full active DSP based loudspeaker solution, Beosound Stage produces powerful and detailed sound.

The ultimate choice for watching movies. With its impressive bass output, the Beosound Stage is an ideal candidate for your ultimate gaming set up too. Whilst not specifically built for game play sound, the Beosound Stage offers an immersive experience through its full-body sound that only benefits a game-play situation.

With multi-room functionality, the Beosound Stage brings your sound to the forefront. When the TV is turned off, stream your favourite sounds straight to the Beosound Stage via Chromecast, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth.

Available in four premium finishes.


Creating the ultimate living-room or home gaming set-up tailored to your own needs and desires can take a lot of time and planning. However, we hope that this guide gives you some inspiration and outlook into some of the best options currently available on the market.


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