Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier
Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier

Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR Pre-amplifier

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The Cyrus Pre 2 DAC is the latest version of the original Pre DAC, a high-quality DAC and preamplifier combined into one unit, featuring a range of inputs and Cyrus' famous sound quality.


The Pre 2 DAC features 11 inputs as well as a USB port, making this a highly versatile product and offering the ability to play two sources at the same time in different parts of your home. The Preamplifier of the Pre 2 DAC uses the same technologies and techniques as the flagship DAC XP Signature which guarantees an accurate and powerful level of amplification. The high-quality 24bit/192kHz res DAC make the Pre 2 DAC an ideal tool for playing music on your computer.

Pre 2 In Detail

Pre 2 DAC has received a range of trickle-down techniques, technologies and components from the flagship DAC XP Signature. The Cyrus digital board uses a highly specified high-quality DAC and power supply that is arranged for all connected digital sources to benefit from the inherent quality and expert tuning of the DAC.

The zone 2 output lets you use it to play two different sources at the same time - it can transform the sound you enjoy not just in one room but throughout your house. Cyrus' advanced headphone circuitry means that no matter how you use this preamplifier, you can enjoy the clarity and detail Cyrus products are known for.


Developed to take advantage of the high audio quality produced by the Servo Evolution platform in Cyrus' CD players, Pre 2 DAC is a great partner for the CD 8 SE₂ and CDT. It can also be connected to your laptop, computer, TV or satellite box. A strong addition to any system striving for pure hi-fi sound, this audiophile DAC can be paired with a PSX-R to give it a boost, or upgraded to a Pre Qx DAC when you desire more detail and clarity.


The QXR card upgrade is the most significant improvement to Cyrus amplifiers in recent years. Bringing a world of the highest-resolution digital inputs to products up to a decade old.


QXR works with numerous Cyrus products, not only improving the sonic performance through the addition of a 32bit/768k DAC and all-new asynchronous USB bridge but also substantially improving the performance of the headphone amplifier section.

The new QXR card is capable of processing PCM audio to 768k at a 32bit depth and ‘Native’ DSD 512, through the USB input. The high-specification ESS DAC uses asynchronous upsampling to deliver a sublime audio signal regardless of source. Even via the lower resolution digital S/PDIF and Toslink interfaces, incoming signals are ‘reclocked’ to substantially reduce noisy ‘jitter’ and deliver a refined, cleaner audio signal to the pre-amplifier stages of the upgraded product. 

The improved headphone amplifier, included within the upgrade, reduces the noise floor, providing a much improved dynamic range. Capable of outputting 138mW per channel into 16ohm loads, it can comfortably drive headphones with impedances of up to 64ohm.


PCM audio to 768k at a 32bit depth

DSD native 512

The bi-wire output of the 6 DAC gives a full 57 Watts into 6 ohms. The power supply is a high current design that uses two transformers to completely separate the digital control stages from the sensitive audio signals – an approach usually reserved for pre/power combination amplifiers.




- Stereo RCA: 1 pair fixed
- Analogue: 2 pairs variable
- Headphones: Yes
- PSX-R upgrade port: Yes
- MC-BUS: Yes


- Optical SPDIF: 2
- Coaxial SPDIF: 2
- USB B: 1
- Analog RCA Phono: 6 pairs


- Max signal res: 24-bit/192kHz


- Dimensions (HWD): 73 x 215 x 360mm
- Weight: 5Kg