Atlas Element 1.25 Cinema Cable Bundle Package

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Atlas Element 1.25 Cinema Cable bundle

Pairing the excellent Atlas Element 1.25 with a high quality in-house terminated  Subwoofer cable, you get great performance from your cinema set up.

Atlas Element 1.25 Features

The Atlas Element 1.25 is a well-suited upgrade for a high-quality compact system or for rear channel speakers in a 5.1 set-up. Containing 1.25 sq mm of stranded OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) contained within a high-density polyethylene dielectric (insulation layer).

OFC is produced through an extrusion process that takes place in an oxygen-free-inert-gas atmosphere. This leads to a reduced oxygen content (10ppm) when compared to Tough Pitch Copper (TPC) and an improvement in conductivity which typically measures between 0.5% and 2% greater than TPC. The OFC process, therefore, produces a much higher quality audio cable than the TPC process. High purity conductors sound clearer than their unprocessed (TBC) counterparts because there are fewer crystal boundaries present to cause signal degradation.

The Atlas Element 1.25 is the ideal entry-level speaker cable for smaller systems where bass can be limited by the size of the speakers. Additionally, the Element 1.25 are ideal as a cable for rear speakers in a 5.1 set-up.




Construction :

40 Concentric Strands x 2

Conductor Material :


Dielectric :

High Density PEF

Connector :


Outer Diameter (mm) :

2.5 x 5.0mm

technical data

Capacitance (pF/m) :

3425 PF/M at 1KHz

Resistance (Ohms/m @20°C): :

0.0142 Ω/M at 20oC

Inductance (µH/m @1 kHz) :

0.65 uH/M at 1KHz

Velocity of propagation :



Subwoofer Cable

Our High-quality Subwoofer Cable is terminated in house to the required length using high quality RCA (phono) terminations.

Options Available

Small (15m Atlas Element 1.25 + 3m Subwoofer Cable) - Ideal for smaller sized rooms

Medium (20m Atlas Element 1.25 + 4m Subwoofer Cable) - Ideal for medium sized rooms

Large (30m Atlas Element 1.25 + 5m Subwoofer Cable) - Ideal for larger sized rooms

£75 Credit - If our standard packs don't suit your room or you have specific requirements, you can use this credit towards the cables you need - just let us know what you need at the time of order or give us a call for advice.

Cable termination in pictures used only for illustrative purposes.