Beolab 2 Trade-In

Beolab 2 Trade-In

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Beolab 2 Subwoofer (Trade-In)

It's the smallest things that make all the difference...

Put yourself at the eye of the storm and enjoy a new sound experience. The Beolab 2 subwoofer exploits the new world of sound that digital technology has opened up. Looking for that deep bass sensation you experience at a concert or the cinema? the Beolab 2 brings that experience to your home

Beolab 2 was specifically designed to handle the low end of the sound spectrum - ultimately it completes your surround set-up and allows you to experience details in movies and music that you've never heard before.

Adaptive Bass Linearisation

Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL) is a process patented by B&O and is incorporated in BeoLab loudspeakers. The idea is to use the surplus capacity in amplifiers and driver units, arising by normal listening levels, for a bass extension - a sound reproduction with more bass, than the loudspeaker otherwise would be able to produce.

The function is adaptive. This means that the loudspeaker adapts to the signal it receives. Loudspeaker drivers are therefore fully exploited, without suffering mechanical or electronic abuse, and the built in amplifiers are not subjected to signals that would otherwise create an overload situation.

ABL gives stunning bass reproduction considering the size of the loudspeaker in which it is incorporated, under normal listening levels.


Type numbers:

GB 6862

Cabinet finish:

Aluminium, structure painted, grey

Power Consumption Typical:

15 watts




0.4 watts


Maximum Sound Pressure Level:

110 dB (stereo)


Power amplifier module 1 unit Class:



Long-term maximum output power:

850 watts


Effective Frequency range*:

23 - 120 Hz (upper limit determined by setup)


Cabinet principle Double balanced passive radiator system Magnetically shielded:



Woofer Passive radiator:

1 x 250 mm flat diaphragm

2 x 250 mm flat diaphragm


Net volume:

13 litre


Bass equalization:

ABL (Adaptive Bass Linearisation)


Switch for loudspeaker position:

Free, Wall or Corner


Input sensitivity Adjustable by three-position switch:

Corresponding to -7 dB (3), 0 dB

(2) or +3 dB (1) for main speakers.

(* According to IEC 268-3 and 268-5.)


Power Link - Input 1

Power Link - Output 2




Market specifications:

6862 GB 230 V