CABASSE Pearl Akoya

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Direct descendant of the high definition streaming speaker THE PEARL, THE PEARL AKOYA is both a jewel in terms of design and technology. 

Created and developed in Brittany, France; has unrivaled compact size thanks to its tri-coaxial design and custom bass speaker, resulting in exceptional quality acoustics and power (comparable to that of a classical orchestra) in a small case.

Versatile, also offers in addition to the most popular streaming services directly implemented in the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application, other features such as: voice control, multiroom, vinyl input, CD or TV players, and automatic calibration.

115 dB mono peak, 121 dB stereo peak.
Amplification of 2,100 W peak and 1,050 W RMS: power that faithfully respects the dynamics of audio sources.
17cm HELD (High Excursion, Low Distortion) woofer.
20mm exceptional linear throw.
Extremely sturdy carbon membrane without deformation for distortion-free rendering.
Patented BCI midrange tweeter and high-strength carbon membrane.
Compact dimensions: 220 x 220 x 220 mm

Unsurpassed fidelity: high resolution 24bit/192Khz files.
Exceptional rendering: Cabasse algorithms maximize the power sent to each speaker in real-time.
360° homogeneous directivity: 30 years of Cabasse acoustic R&D in signal processing.
In stereo: impressive sound scene, wide and deep, thanks to patented coaxial Cabasse technology, as well as perfectly controlled network synchronization.

Mono – stereo – wireless active speaker – multi-room – Bluetooth – WiFi
Automatic calibration: Cabasse Room Compensation System
Streaming services: Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Napster, Tidal…
Voice control: Google Home
Transportable: includes a custom-made carrier case designed for THE PEARL AKOYA and its accessories
A programmable Bluetooth controller