Cyrus CD Xt Signature CD Transport Quartz Silver (Trade-in)

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Cyrus' CD players are better because they generate far less background noise than most. We call this our SE or Servo-Evolution technology. The principle itself is quite simple. Usually the laser mechanism (servo) which reads the data from a disc makes tiny movements side to side quite quickly to re-read miss-read data – this create ‘servo noise’ and that impacts the ‘noise-floor’ limiting the quality of the sound output.


The principle objective with Cyrus' CD players is to extract the data on the disc as accurately as possible the first time – and that is only possible through some very careful design and calibration in both the hardware and software elements of the player.



SPDIF optical – 1
SPDIF coaxial – 1
MC-BUS – Yes


Maximum signal resolution 16-bit/44.1kHz


Height 73
Width 215
Depth 360
Weight (kg) 3.6