Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature Power Amplifier

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Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature Power Amplifier 

Zero Feedback Topology: Cyrus’s latest generation Zero Feedback Power amplifier brings inherently natural and high-resolution musical reproduction. By removing the traditional amplifier ‘global feedback’ loop, sonic improvements are made and Cyrus signature sound quality is produced. 

Power: The high current design of the Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature effortlessly drives even the toughest loudspeaker loads. A 200 VA toroidal transformer can provide a huge 319 Watts into 6 ohms which not only produces powerful sound but remains stable throughout.

Connectivity: Balanced or unbalanced connectivity offers all the connectivity
requirements to match up with Cyrus preamplifiers. High-quality bi-wire terminals are provided to allow ideal connectivity to high-performance loudspeakers.

Automation: 12v trigger and RS232 control are provided as standard along with an intelligent signal sense power mode which allows the Mono X 300 Signature to be installed in a variety of setups.

Advanced Thermal Management: Having so much power inside our die-cast aluminium chassis is not a problem thanks to a twin fan design which has a proprietary signal sensing circuit that run the fans in line with the music level; meaning they will never intrude even on the quietest passages of music.


Available as a mono or duo package.


Monobloc power amplifier
Zero feedback technology
XLR + RCA inputs
12V trigger
Signal sense
1 x 319W into 6 Ω
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 6.4kg