Cyrus Stereo 200 Power Amplifier

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Stereo 200 features and benefits

Recognised by thirty years of awards and accolades, Cyrus consistently pushes the boundaries of audio technology. We’re tirelessly working towards the ultimate hi-fi system, which will reproduce the sound and feeling of a live performance without any interference or loss of detail.
The Cyrus Stereo 200 is a high performance power amplifier incorporating a new and unique Cyrus topology that combines the benefits of high efficiency and lower heat generation from a digital output stage, with our highly refined analogue power supply design.
Delivering a herculean 2 x 203 Watts into 6 Ω from the single ½ width Cyrus die-cast aluminium chassis this high quality power amp provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

Hybrid Amplifier Design:
Using the Cyrus Class D hybrid technology we are able to
produce a high powered stereo amplifier in a small box without
any cooling issues or compromises in the audio quality. This
high efficiency design ensures nearly all the power supply
energy is used for the amplifier output rather than wasted as
heat. Using this technology (even with the large power outputs)
there is no need for cooling fans in the box. Efficiency and
damping factor are further improved by the unit harvesting the
energy used to stop the speaker cone moving and placing it
back into its power supply reservoir.

Speaker Impedance Detection (SID):
Each time the amplifier is powered up, the SID (Loudspeaker
Impedance Detection System) interrogates the speaker load
and adjusts the amplifier to provide correctly balanced and
smooth high frequencies. This has proved to be a highly
successful method of accurately aligning the class D output
devices. When the unit is mains cycled, an assessment is
made of the loudspeaker load at high frequencies. There is
an adjustment made to the frequency response of the
amplifier output to correct for differences when driving
different load impedances.

Music Sense:
From full standby the unit can be made to switch on with any
signal input above -55dB. After being on, if there is no signal
above -55dB into the unit for 10 minutes, the unit will go
back into standby.


Stereo 200 Specifications
Power amplifier
Class D hybrid technology
Speaker Impedance Detection (SID)
XLR + RCA inputs
12V trigger
Signal sense
2 x 203W into 6Ω
Power supply – 475VA Toroidal transformer
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 6.9kg