Dali Zensor 5 Ex-Demonstration

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Dali Zensor 5 is a slim and compact floor-standing loudspeaker, which provides beautiful and dynamic sound in true hi-fi quality. The Zensor series are affordable quality loudspeakers with origin in Dali’s high-end heritage.

The lightweight dome tweeter in the Zensor 5 offers best in class resolution. It features timing due to the position of the tweeter, minimised compression and increased power handling, thanks to the vented voice coil former. The damping material under the dome minimises reflections from the pole piece.

Both 5.25-inch woofers in the Zensor 5 feature 4-layer voice coils for maximum control of the wood fibre cone. The low loss construction is ensured by a rigid metal basket and meticulously optimised cone. The result is bass authority, well-controlled reproduction of micro-detail and great transient capabilities.

CNC machined MDF board, dressed in a top-of-the-class laminate forms the framework of the speaker. In addition, the floor-standing models feature strong internal bracing to reduce structural resonances.

In order to optimise timing, the Zensor 5 is fitted with acoustic damping material internally along the sides, top and bottom - but not on the rear side of the front baffle as this creates a more direct contact between woofer and bass port. The audible result is a more precise bass and increased ‘attack’ in the midrange. The elegant aluminium base elevates the floor-standing models.

These loudspeakers are Ex-Display and come boxed. 

Condition: Excellent