Paradigm Premier 700F Floorstanding Speakers

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"Crafted in Canada" The Premier Series is manufactured by hand in Paradigms custom built facility using heavy duty non resonant 3/4" MDF for the cabinets with optimally placed bracing and reinforced 1" front baffles to provide the best cabinet possible in its price range. Smooth front baffle hides all fixings and allows for reduced diffraction from the drive units providing smoother response and improved drive unit integration. The surface of the cabinet is finished in stunning Gloss White, Gloss Black or Ebony laminate finishes.

Tweeter and midrange units feature Paradigms patented PPA lens technology to reduce colourations from the drive units caused by out of phase sounds reaching the ear. The lenses also provide protection from fingers and look cool! The Carbon Infused Midrange unit also features Paradigms patented ART surround for reduced distortion and increase maximum volume output.

Bass units also feature over-molded ART surrounds which allows the speaker to play 3db louder with a 50% reduction distortion compared to other drivers of the same size without ART. This means the speaker sounds considerably bigger than its size suggests.

All these technologies make for a stunning clean and accurate speaker with amazing dynamics and impact.

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