Pro-Ject Measure IT Stylus Force Gauge

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Product Description

Pro-Ject Measure IT E Digital Stylus Force Gauge is an incredibly accurate electronic balance that is built to measure stylus tracking forces up to 5g in 0.002g steps. Each Measure it E can effortlessly be calibrated with the included calibration weight and just by pushing a button.

If in doubt about the true amount of pressure being exerted on your cartridge’s diamond tip, the four digit display of this smart tool provides precise information about tracking force which means your stylus tip wear can be noticeably reduced and can guarantee the very best sound from your hi-fi system.

Key Features

- Compact digital stylus gauge
- 4 digit LCD-Display with backlight
- Wide capacity 0 - 5g
- Precision data readouts with low variance
- Auto-calibration function
- Auto power off after 30 seconds