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Tag McLaren F3 PA20R Pre-Amp

  • 'Straight Line Technology' feedback paths
  • High-quality audio components
  • Independent input selection for listening and tape recording
  • Six line level inputs for: cd, tuner, auxiliary, and three tape recorders
  • Digitally-controlled muting system, with 'Time Constant Switching', operates automatically and by remote control
  • Motorised volume control and input selector can be operated manually or by remote control
  • Remote control also operates selected TAG McLaren Audio F3Series CD players
  • Gain selectable in six steps
  • Three stereo outputs for recording
  • Two low-impedance stereo outputs to allow long cable runs

Tag McLaren F3 125M Pair Mono Power Amps

  • Straight Line Technology with direct coupled signal and feedback paths
  • High-quality audio components Precision metal-film resistors
  • Cerafine power supply capacitors 
  • Epoxy glass circuit board
  • Rated 125 W, typically 145 W into 8Ω continuous (rated 200 W, typ. 240 W into 4Ω and rated 275 W, typ. 320 W into 2Ω for short periods)
  • Duplicated loudspeaker terminals (for bi-wiring or multi-room)
  • Signal output to connect to another power amplifier or to modify input characteristics
  • Sorbothane® sonic isolation feet, specially designed by TAG McLaren Audio