Our Journey to the best HiFi showrooms

A stunning hifi showroom located in glasgow

As many of you will know, Holburn Online are not just an online audio store but also a long standing traditional HiFi store with showrooms in Glasgow and Aberdeen under the respective Glasgow Audio and Holburn Audio names.

Given our years in the industry, we have been there to see things evolving with the times, from the very precisely configured HiFI separates to the digital music revolution and the resurgence of turntables and vinyl.

One thing that has always been consistent is our dedication, knowledge and passion for the products that we sell and being able to find you the right system for your demands.  Whilst we have witnessed many changes in the industry, we also want to use our prominent position in the UK to forward the industry further and we view this evolution as been the elevation of a showroom experience. 

With showroom closures being necessary to comply with government guidelines, it has given us the opportunity to take the time to update our showrooms in Glasgow and Aberdeen in both comfort, design and relevance to our customers. We wanted to shed the idea of a showroom being an organised storage space, to transform it to a conceptual living area.  Somewhere that you can feel at home and see how you would live with the products that you are sampling.

Cinema room in Glasgow where you can get a great home cinema experience.

We have achieved this by combining the 'lived in' concept with our products to create beautiful demonstration areas that resemble living spaces with furnishings provided by Carl Hanson, ambient lighting, acoustic treatments and our curated product selections.  We are confident that we have forwarded the concept of balance in the home by demonstrating how amazing audio and visual technologies can sit within your own space.  From turntables on specialised tables, to home cinemas with surround sound and beautiful 8K TV's, if you can dream it, we can make it!

All of the furnishings you see in our showroom can also be purchased so please consult with our staff if you see a room set up that you would like to replicate in your own home.

So wherever you are in Scotland, we are delighted to say that you can now visit either of our showrooms, reserving your own personal appointment time and experience the most exceptional home cinema rooms, 

You can book your appointment by clicking here, and select a time that suits you.