It all started from the musical passion of a boy of Pescara (Italy), enthusiast for records and engines, who every day from an early age strongly worked for the illustrious family-company “Conti”, which was at that time the official supplier of silencers for motorcycles of Ducati, in Bologna.

      In this period, working in the factory gave him the opportunity of learning the most accurate techniques of metal craftsmanship. In particular, the testing of the various possible uses of the best machineries of the time for the sector, as well as the experience with the most sophisticated and accurate techniques of open-flame welding, were the first major step towards the creation of the firsts furnitures for electronics destined to the Hi-Fi and Hi-End world.

      So we are talking about a young and enterprising man eager to create something of extremely useful to his passion for listening. The personal limit he had of never being able of playing a musical instrument, together with the great love for the audio culture, had led our founder towards the design of a tool (or rather an instrument, just to stay into the sound-theme!) that could value the equipment that in his personal moments of leisure was able to finely play his favorite music: his audio system.

      In the late 80s then, several familiar vicissitudes brought the end of his family company, thus giving courage to the willing Moreno for the development of what by then had become the true fruit of his musical passion. It should also be pointed out that a further strong incentive was the fact that at that time in Italy did not exist any company or brand specialized in the audio furnishing field.

      Therefore, it was exactly between 1988 and 1989 that the first prototypes of furniture “Solidsteel” were tested and shown to the trusted friends, to acquaintances, and even to the local enthusiasts audiophile technicians. The first results were more than encouraging and the young Moreno, also thanks to the support and complicity of his wife Dora, is been totally sure of starting this exciting challenge in the world business.

      In a short time he had strong awareness of having a solid ground to develop. Solid exactly like the metal of which the products were (and are still now) composed.

      Hence the name “Solidsteel”.
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