Kudos TITAN 808 Loudspeakers

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Kudos TITAN 808

The absolute pinnacle of the Kudos range, where every design ‘eureka’, every expertcrafted component and every meticulously honed detail come together in masterful
harmony. Please, lose yourself in the pure joy of the musical moment.

Magnetic cloth grille
Further enhanced low order crossover using Mundorf foil inductor coils to improve damping properties
Cabinet is constructed from multi-thickness High Density Fibre Board to control panel resonance
Complex constrained layer damping in side panels to allow a stunningly convincing,
true-to-life sound
Split cabinet design to keep the extra low bass resonances from the isobaric enclosure away from the bass-mid enclosure in each cabinet

SEAS Kudos Crescendo K3 29mm fabric dome Tweeter (exclusive to Titan Series)
Mid-bass drivers are bespoke SEAS 220mm “Nextel” coated paper cones, 39mm voice coil for enhanced performance
2.5-way design using a more complex version of the fixed boundary gap port arrangement for easier room placement and to avoid any coincidental resonances

Twin bass drivers are SEAS 220mm double coated hard paper cone with 39mm voice coil
Isobaric arrangement in which the second bass driver is carefully positioned internally
back-to-back with the first for superior bass reproduction


  • Bespoke custom made drivers
  • Isobaric with fixed boundary loading for superior bass
  • Active operation with leading electronics including Linn Exakt,
  • Devialet Expert and Exposure VXN
  • Low order crossover and minimal design for purer sound
  • Handmade in England