Keith Monks Prodigy Blue Deluxe

Keith Monks Prodigy Blue Deluxe

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Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaner

The prodigy record cleaning machine provides a truly effective way to clean your records and digital discs. With its small footprint, the prodigy is perfect for even the smallest home. Simple to operate, speedy and ultra-silent in operation.

The Prodigy by Keith Monks is the world’s first point suction cleaner with no buffer thread for nozzle. With an enhanced 360-degree fluid pickup – double the fluid pickup for even drier records!

Eco-Friendly, with style! The Prodigy has an eco-friendly compact bamboo cabinet.

Natural is No Compromise: Bamboo is naturally low resonance, noise absorbing, anti-static, moisture resistant, robust, and hard wearing and blends well with both traditional and modern decors. The all natural bamboo finish of every unit is unique.

The Prodigy's precision cleaning technique alleviates worries from wet pads or build up of oils in fluid tanks - the only cleaning process that guarantees Zero Recontamination - every record, every time. Enjoy listening to the record you just cleaned - while cleaning the next!


- Keith Monks Eco|Roller microfibre washing wand in retractable ergonomic matching bamboo tube case with lid cap

- Keith Monks discOvery 33/45 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid, 250ml for around 100 LPs

- Rubber turntable spindle clamp for record label, also doubles as CD-DVD-Blu Ray adaptor

- Robust protective bamboo lid dust cover for main unit.

Unique universal disc cleaner for 12", 10" and 7" records as well as 5" digital discs. In under 5 minutes both sides of an LP are clean and ready to play.


- New unique threadless point suction system for easier, even better performance

- Breaking the price barrier for precision record cleaning

- Precise, peerlessly effective wash and dry, one turn at a time

- Zero re-contamination - every record, every time


- 55 x 22cm / 21" x 9"