Boom Acoustics Model 1

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Model 1 is our entry level loudspeaker system.

A two-way design, incorporating a 5.25″ woven cone diaphragm on a phase plug design, partnered with a 25 mm silk soft dome tweeter.

Utilizing the latest innovations in basketless bass system design to eliminate all the usual, but unwanted resonances generated by the common basket systems. Whether cast or press steel basket design, makes no significant differences to the fundamental problems.

Basketless, coupled with our invisible mass port system, gives a superb tight bass reproduction. Designed to be simply as even, crisp and tuneful as possible.

Sizes: 19 cm (Width) x 28 cm (Depth) x 30 cm (Height)

Model 1 shown above with Sapele veneer



* Invisible mass port/reflex technology
* Basketless design so no unwanted vibration reaches your ear
*Suspended bass driver fixings specifically designed to eliminate cabinet vibrations reaching the woven diaphragm
*Easy to drive impedance loads with excellent sensitivity
*All systems internally wired with Atlas OFC speaker cable