Glorious Lowboard Turntable Furniture and LP Storage

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The Glorious Turntable Lowboard is a high-quality piece of furniture in a retro 1960s design and is ideal for placement in your living room. With a dedicated surface for a turntable and plenty of space for your vinyl collection, the Turntable Lowboard is ideal as a listening station.

The smart cavity on the rear panel is designed to route cables, making them disappear easily. The Turntable Lowboard comes in a timeless design made of wood and is provided with a white high-gloss finish.

The open record crate invites you to flip through your collection and allows direct access to up to 130 12''-records. A closed-front compartment with push mechanism houses your amplifier, CDs or books.

External dimensions: 862 x 240 x 420 mm (L x H x W)

Weight: 17 kg