Paradigm Persona 3F Floorstanding Speakers

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Hand Made in Canada the Persona 3F uses some of the finest materials available. The cabinet is manufactured using 7 layers of MDF with a viscoelastic bond between each layer to create a composite material with fantastic self damping and rigidity. The cabinet is painted and finished by hand in Paradigms own paint shop using techniques and processes a High End car paint shop would be proud of. There are 5 main finishes and 18 custom colours where you can choose to have the Bass units, Metal work and PPA lenses in Black or Silver.

The 7" Midrange and tweeter are made out of Beryllium for its extremely good self damping properties and rigidity. Tweeter and midrange units feature Paradigms patented PPA lens technology to reduce colourations from the drive units caused by out of phase sounds reaching the ear. The lenses also provide protection from fingers and look cool! 

X-PAL Pure Aluminium Bass cones are extremely light and stiff for lightning fast bass and feature over-molded ART surrounds which allows the speaker to play 3db louder with a 50% reduction distortion compared to other drivers of the same size without ART. This means the speaker sounds considerably bigger than its size suggests.

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